Youtube Privacy Options For Competitors and Its Impact on SEO Campaigns

In Episode 56 of Semantic Mastery’s Hump Day Hangout (, a question about privacy options for videos in YouTube was asked. The participant would like to hide channel activity against competitors. He also asked about its potential impact on SEO campaigns.

The exact question was:

Hey Guys…1) Is there a way to go into our YT channel and make an adjustment so all our lead gen videos are not visible to competition that may be “interested” in seeing what else we have to “offer”?? I think you can do it, just not sure how.. To clarify: I just want to make obviously the viewing (ability to see them) of the videos on the channel private, not the videos themselves private in the SERPs.

2) If I do # 1 will that or can that affect the SEO of the videos since they can’t be seen visually on my channel?

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