Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 32

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02:00 – What are the best sites to stack DA?

03:00 – Where would you point your SAPE links to?

04:00 – Do you use FCS Networker to syndicate content?

07:00 – Can you guys talks a bit about Google Phantom / Quality update?

11:00 – An explanation on Google Doorway pages update

14:00 – Hubpages being hitted by Google Phantom Update

17:00 – Using subdomains to protect virtual assets

20:00 – Why you should be ranking before designing your website? Random Ranking Factor by Terry Kyle

22:00 – How do I setup navigation menus inside silos?

25:00 – Have you tried Social Network Autoposter (SNAP) for PA boosting?

28:00 – How do I manage several Google plus account or YouTube channels on different niches?

31:00 – How do I syndicate videos that are already on YouTube pre IFTTT?
34:00 – How can I make videos for Local marketing and for CPA?

37:00 – How to setup external links inside Videos?

40:00 – Are there some alternatives to Yahoo pipes?

44:00 – Is Google still working with IFTTT the same as before?

45:00 – Can I add iframe codes inside IFTTT recipes?

48:00 – How can I structure a test in order to make sense?

53:00 – In which case would you create an additional channel on a YouTube account?

56:00 – Are YouTube cards better for mobile traffic?

57:00 – How can I find the best terms for my website?

58:00 – Which tools do you suggest for market research?

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