Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 31

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0:00 Intro

2:00 I have a client with 200 evergreen posts that are already published and that I want to syndicate to my IFTTT network.

I did what Bradley suggested in several hangouts :

– change the publishing date to 2 minutes from now. The post that was published is now in “scheduled” mode).
– wait until the 2 minutes are over. Hit refresh. The post is in “published” mode again.

However, nothing was triggered in IFTTT. Even when I hit the “check recipe now” button in IFTTT, nothing happens.

I would really like to make the most out of these great articles but I can’t get them to be syndicated across my T1 and T2 networks.

6:00 Pocket to Evernote IFTTT recipe. Can you tell me how I can use this recipe to pass an ENTIRE article from Pocket to Evernote, and not just a snippet?

6:30 I have been renting a Google ranking video to a local client for some time. I now need to change the rental to another client. I have the previous client’s phone number in the Video Title and the Custom Thumbnail. Can I change my custom thumbnail, and also the phone number in the title, without having to re-upload the video? Will the ranking be impacted by the title change?

10:00 I just got off the phone with a high profile cosmetic dentist. He wants me to rank a video for him on his YT channel. A quick look shows that most of the videos that rank page 1 have few backlinks and most are press releases.

My question is how much should I charge him and how do I present the scope of work i.e. process details and time frame.

My plans are to get enough of a down payment to set up first and second tier ifttt nextwork. Buy syndwire and start that and do a press release.

1) Your input on the Duplicate content debate

I will be creating a brand “Big Mamma’s MooMoos”, creating unique content then duplicating the sites locally like Major service companies do ending up with “Big Mamma’s MooMoos of Miami””Big Mamma’s MooMoos of Detroit” etc. The content will have local modifiers and local schema mockup.

Will I be penalized and not Rank ?

18:00 2) Can I use the same outer tier networks for all the sites (different first tier & unique feeds to the outer tier)

3) Is there a way to change and old YT channel already connected to a profile into one connected to a page ?

4) I am adding my blog & YT channel to tiered networks, I already have aged accounts connected to my gmail. Do I use the same wordpress blogger & tumblr account just different blogs or do I create an entire new network for my blog using the hosted email?

22:00 Talk about a blueprint that I can use so I can from zero to 50k a month in revenue?…What would you do Bradley?

26:00 I successfully built a persona-based network and tested it on a client site before I realized that I should have used a branded network.

1. Did I do any harm by having a persona-based network supporting a client site?
2. What do you recommend I do with the persona-based network?
3. If I convert it, should I clear out all posts in all the web 2’s before re-deploying it?

28:00 I had a few questions before buying Holly’s course. How do we contact her? Also the YouTube channels is she buying them before she started making videos?

29:00 Could you setup a YT silo-playlist and put in some high-authority videos as well, or would that be to obvious, since some (my) videos have the proper linking structure in the description and the others don’t?

33:00 From Holly’s webinar yesterday, what is she doing different than what is in the IFTTT training?

41:00 Google Quality Update from May 4. 2015. I have a site that has really high quality everything, not a lot of content, but written professionally and high quality images and videos, that was -10. -20 effected by it.

43:00 Just want to confirm I heard this correctly during the HC webinar. Once persona accounts are created (purchased from the semantic mastery team) and handed over to us, we do NOT need to use a proxy to login?

45:00 When sending videos to prospect clients before the funnel can you just put the proof for that niche in that video

45:30 I anyone still using GSA to pump up the PA on web 2.0 links? Is it still ok to do that without destroying the trust you’ve already built up?

47:00 Do you 301 through your domain name account?

48:00 I started going through the basic training and I have a question about all the cloak and dagger stuff with the proxies and all that. Is that all necessary for branded accounts or does it not matter so much.

50:00 FCS or syndwire? Recommendations?

53:00 My Question is where does Holly buy the YouTube channels or does she start a fresh YouTube channel?

56:00 So I can set up a branded profile i.e. XYZ Marketing and use it to rank videos and sites for multiple clients or do I need 1 brand channel per client?