Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 30

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1:00 Intro announcements

11:00 1. What do your opinions about buying higher quality links through linksmanagement or similar providers?

2. You talk about bleeding the theme of your silos, but I would like to know your opinion of this scenario.

Lets say i have a powertools site. i use a complicated silo structure with major pages for miter saws, tables saws, wet tile saws, etc. supported with posts that include “best”, “best cheap”, and “how-to use” targeting.

What would be the effect of creating a “how-to” major silo page (targetting how-to use powertools) that then used each powertool’s how-to article as support?

17:00 In my real niche, i don’t know whether the individual tools pages or how-to pages would generate more traffic. this is going to be a money site and one of my major brands.

3. I know that downloading videos is against youtube policy. But i was wondering about your opinion. For example, i watch a ton of personal growth videos and have begun to organize them… would it be more beneficial to download all of them and reupload (perhaps with editing) and organize into siloed playlists? or are they likely to get taken down and put my account in jeopardy?

4. What other SEOs do you guys trust the most? you dont have to answer if you dont want. I’d like your opinions of jimmy kelly, kotton grammer, alex becker, and some of those guys if you would indulge me.

20:00 When using tiered networks (IFTTT to IFTTT, or FCS/GSA to IFTTT) do you point the backlinks to the homepage of the blogs, or to the single-post subpages.- if it is homepages, doesnt that mean, that older videos would stop getting juice since they sooner or later fall out of the latest-posts-homepage? what setting for the amount of latest posts for the homepage would you recommend?

24:00 Imagine that you are in a foreign country, for example Spain, but you would like to target English keywords, what would your approach be? I’m not sure how to create local foreign content and websites targeting english terms. I’ve though of a couple possible scenarios:

1. Register .ES domains, build IFTTT networks in Spanish and with Spanish personas, and then silo them with English keywords.

2. Register .COM domains, build IFTTT networks in Spanish and with Spanish personas, and then silo them with English keywords.

3. Do a mix. Register .COM/.ES domains, build IFTTT networks in Spanish and English, and then silo them with English keywords. (this one actually sounds terrible…)

28:00 I know you offer a service where you build us links to our IFTTT networks. I was wondering if you build those links to all the tiers (branded tier and tier two) or just to the second tier so as to keep the FCS links at safest distance from the property we’re trying to rank.

Second FCS question is just what exactly do you build links to? Is it to the home page or to each of the post URLs? I wonder how natural it would look to Google to have so many links pointing to a Web 2.0 home page but none to the inner pages.

30:00 RSS Authority Sniper seems to automate most of the processes you laid out so I wanted to find out whether you’ve tried it out and if so whether you would recommend it. Just to be able to create Yahoo Pipes and Feedburner links in a handful of clicks is mighty appealing.

32:00 One more FCS question. Are you posting from newly created accounts or from ones that you’ve had in your network for some time? If older ones, then how do you make sure the niches match?

34:00 In one of your videos on getting new clients you mentioned that you could search for companies with videos already on youtube, download & rank them on your own channels. Couldn’t this trigger some duplicated content bells for Google? i tried this with a couple of videos and none of them (they are just down-&uploaded, so no changes made, 100% like the original) is ranking, but they are indexed and show up with other exact-match keywords.

41:00 Thoughts on Lane Boland and MadRank?

41:30 How important to have a sitemap on a site?

42:00 is the master class covering google maps?

43:00 I’m not clear – if I buy Mastermind now @$97, does it stay at 97/mo?

44:00 I just joined yesterday so a lot of this is way over my head. What’s the fastest way to get things going in the right direction?

44:30 what is the most accurate keyword ranker tool?

46:00 How do you track a clients position in Google from week to week as you work on their SEO?

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