Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 28

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0:00 Intro

2:00 1. As I am in Firefox w the proxy, does chrome open under my ip or the proxy ip? throughout the academy training, you keep the workbook open in chrome with your own google account. i just want to make sure there is no conflict doing this as we build our networks… and so, is it vital that I clean chrome and stay out of my own google every time i use proxies in firefox?

2. Are you currently using any of the cloud storage sites in your networks?

3:00 3. When you set up Robert R Mills, you put the Blogger link under ‘Contributor to’. Could you elaborate on why?

7:00 4. As I have done some digging, I have found tumblr themes that include various social buttons. I was wondering if these kinds of links would be equal to the ones you code into the tumblr header.

– Related: in addition to the Gravatar widget, WordPress seems to come standard others that connect your profiles…

8:00 5. Saw an early semantic mastery video where Bradley talked about virtual vs physical silo testing. Which won out?

12:00 6. So once the accounts are primed with the first posts, is there any other content generation you do to build page power and relevance? I heard you talk about adding rss feeds or some other sort of content from other sources in one of the first vids I watched. And I understand you juice the links with gsa and fcs but I thinking of other ways to differentiate all these accounts that will have a fresh post or two then a massive amount of syndicated content links.

15:00 After reading some cautionary blog posts about the wisdom or otherwise of readily sharing our information with the “powers that be”, what is your feeling on the pros and cons of installing G’s Webmaster Tools and Analytics on a money site?

20:00 When syndicating to IFTTT hangouts, what is the proper way to syndicate using GSA and FCS?

I’ve heard that the FCS links are cleaner and can be linked right to T1 rings but the GSA should only be applied to T2’s.

26:00 Anyone use a sales funnel to bring in Seo clients? Just curious of what kind of free or paid things you may offer to convert?

29:00 When setting up a youtube channel – you say that it’s best to link it to a Google Adsense – Do we need to create one for the persona or can we link it to ours without creating a footprint.

30:00 When trying to rank videos for a product name i.e Aastra6730i – What is the best way to determine a Title Description for it. So for example Aastra 6703i Review or Aastra6730i Features, Aastra6730i Benefits etc.

Can I have the same product video on different youtube channels – if so do i need to rewrite description, title etc…?

32:00 When doing the strategies you teach in the rss academy, how many tiers do you roll out?

Branded level tier is obvious but how much further from there? Tier 2? Tier 3?

34:00 How long does it take to have the sites built for me? Full version? (IFTTT Networks)

34:30 What tool do you suggest to see the backlinks (and anchors) to my own sites – and is there anything without a monthly cost to do this?

36:00 I have a client with an existing WordPress.com site that has its own unique post content. His main site is ranking for the most part well enough for local search terms, but he wants to move the posts from his WordPress blog to his main domain’s blog. Is this a good idea or a bad idea? Should I be concerned about duplicate content in this instance? If so could I go into his WP.com site and add attributions to his blog URLs from his primary domain, ie manual syndication?

42:00 When syndicating blog posts out from my money site. Is it not considered duplicate content when it shows up on all of the other sites?

45:00 Based on your experience, how many properties does it take for ranking videos. Something like “Tree services {200k city} {state}”, like “Tree services Newport News VA”.

48:00 Is the “attribution link” just a simple text and link entry (no widget or plugin) – entered at end of copied (borrowed) content or material.

50:00 What do you think about buying Weebly or Tumblr subdomains that already have PA or 20+. Any value in this? No content on the weebly or tumblr. I will put Thematic relevant content and point to IFTTT network property.

51:00 Currently my PBN is linking directly to my money site but I’d like to change that and have them link to web 2.0’s to my money site. To make this change what’s your best suggestion on how to do that?

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