How To Show Results Fast For Local SEO Client

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During Episode 47 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts (
) a viewer had a question about how to go about showing a client some fast results so that they would be willing to move forward with additional work.

This is a great thing to have “in your back pocket” so that you can impress a client and show them you mean business right off the bat.

The exact question was:

“I’m going to pitch a plumbing company in my local area tomorrow. I want to offer them something that will bring some instant gratification because they’ve already told me that they’ve been burned by another seo agency in the past.

My question is, how can I rank videos fast if I don’t have an authoritative youtube channel?

Basically, I want to use video ranking services on google to get my foot in the door. Plumbing is a pretty competitive niche, so I feel I need to offer them something tangible upfront before I ask for $1k+ per month for SEO.”


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