Copy of Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 37

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0:00 Intro

1:00 Semantic Mastery will be sending out some info about video embeds and how we want to put together an awesome solution for this video ranking necessity.

3:00 Hi everyone, when using IFTTT recipes for syndicating posts on my money site, is it safe to use the same recipes over and over again, or should the recipes be shuffled to avoid possible footprint issues?

5:00 Couple of questions, was setting up my first persona network and was unable to get to load, kept getting an error message, any idea why that would be.

Also was curious if you had any thoughts on a browser called Aviator, supposed block cookies.

8:00 Why shouldn’t we spam the shortening service / urls?

13:00 I have a client with very old YT channel that’s 10 years old with 25+ videos and many views and 100 subscribers,, but it is in the persons name. not the business name. They are hiring me to consult. This channel should really be in the business name. I would hate to build a new channel but I can also see the upside by re-uploading the old videos to the new IFTTT network I plan to build on their behalf.

If I do this I will lose thousands of REAL views, What would Bradley Benner do?

19:00 I’m interested in powering up my FCS accounts through GSA; will you share any methods?

21:00 What is the biggest differences between a branded and persona network? Silly question just a rookie.

23:00 How do you guys send your activity(Clicks) to your sape links without getting in trouble?

26:00 Part II , I can change the YT channel name, but it wants a first name & last name, Can I change it in G+ and just populate the first name field? I guess this could jeopardize the G+ profile??

28:00 I don’t have a VA yet, so I am doing the work myself until I get positive cashflow. When it comes to creating accts for IFTTT, you mention using overseas people creating phone numbers for me to use… but I found a service called Receive SMS Online (
) where I can get 50 numbers for $50. Good for one month.

Are you familiar with this or can recommend a similar service?

30:00 no penalty for having them on personal & business channel?? (re: youtube channel for business)

32:00 Is it better to start with a Branded T1 or a persona T1?

33:00 Just wondering if, when you allow excerpts or full content from your posts on the main page does Google look at it as duplicate content because the content appears again as posts?

40:00 Where’s a good spot to get sapelinks?

42:00 I follow your strategy/ideas. My client is in the process of waiting for Google Maps postcard for final verification. Does this postcard have any affect on me building the new YT Business channel I will build per my earlier questions? Or is this a different G+ page than the one which gets created at the same time I create the channel??

48:00 For anybody on the fence about IFTTT/Materclass, do NOT hesitate get in! Bradley and team are the only emails I read these days.

48:30 I’m running a test I got a tweet of a page on a new site with no tf cf created a google shortner and hashtag. I added it to a google sites and running traffic through it. You guys seen trust flow push from testing this?

49:00 In the IFTTT SEO Academy, there are IFTTT recipes that you saved during the training as public links but I don’t see a document with those recipes / public links on any of the download pages. Are they available somewhere for download? Also, the spreadsheet layout you store all the information on. Is that available for download somewhere?

50:00 OK “Team IFTTT”, new situation… I want to charge {niche} to add videos to my IFTTT network that you guys are building on my behalf. I own a video production company and charge flat fee for video, I would like to upcharge to access my networkk. I have no guarantees that I can rank these videos yet as IFTTTT network is brand new. Any recommendations on how/what to charge? I love the concept of recurring, Charge by the video? flat monthly fee? what would BB do (I love that I coined that)?


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