Advanced Link Building To Syndicated Videos – How Long To Wait?

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During Episode 51 ( of our Hump Day Hangouts, a viewer asked a question about how long to wait to start building backlinks to videos that have been syndicated using an IFTTT Network.

The exact question was:

“After syndicating a video through an IFTTT network, how long do you wait before doing any advanced link building techniques?”

Bradley’s response to another student about this exact topic shortly before this was included:

” My schedule of actions depends on the situation (doesn’t it always?).

For example, for most local videos, I live stream them to my channel and allow them to propagate across my IFTTT networks. Then I’ll make sure the video is indexed, and once confirmed, I will setup a CrowdSearch campaign to get it some views.

I usually wait about two weeks before doing anything else. Most of the time, for local videos, all they need is the network syndication and a view campaign and they’ll end up ranking within 2 – 4 weeks.

If after two weeks they aren’t doing as well as I had hoped, then I begin adding other methods. I start with a combination of additional embeds, social embeds, + links.

For that I have a “video broadcasting network” much like the Video Powerhouse network. For additional social embeds, I use Fiverr gigs to get Retweets, Tumblr reblogs, and Pinterest repins. I also like to setup referral traffic campaigns using CrowdSearch to click thru from some of theses social embed properties.

Then I wait again for another 10 – 14 days.

If still needs additional push, then I will setup an RYS stack or just purchase a SAPE link or two.

Also, for particularly difficult terms, I will run a Hangout Millionaire campaign along with a YT silo and link within the description to the video I want to rank.”


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